my 365

I’m trying a Project 365.  365 pictures in 365 days.  It is my chance to get the camera out to practice and try new things.  They will be nearly all kid pictures.  They are my favorite subjects, and the reason I started photography.  I hesitated to start this project while they are young – I didn’t want to take time away.  But the point of this new skill is capturing those moments and documenting the time we spend together.  And there isn’t a better time to start that than right now.  You can see my Project 365 photostream here.  I haven’t settled on this photostream as a method for cataloging, so it may change.  I change my mind a lot.  And, I probably won’t post my picture of the day every day.  You may see seven or ten come up at once.  Processing and posting are not necessarily my favorite parts of this project.  The point is, I’ll take the pictures.