UW Cherry Blossoms

I make my kids go see the cherry blossoms every year.  This time, I promised no portraits, and I brought them equipped to have their own fun.  (Besides the fun they have climbing trees and playing chase around the Quad, which tends to draw less than friendly looks from our fellow blossom-gazers).  My budding artist brought along her sketchpad:


My boys each brought their own cameras (or my cameras, on lend for the day):

-1-16They had so much fun that I got to walk all around the quad taking lots of fun pictures.  Those boys really got into it – laying on their stomachs, climbing trees, contorting their young bodies in all sorts of positions that oldies like me can’t handle – just to get the shot.  We happened to run into a pro photographer who was shooting film on a vintage camera.  His name was Rick Westcott, and he was a wonderful man.  He took time to allow my boys to show him all of the shots on their cameras, and even listened to their commentary about the virtues of each one.  He warmed my heart.  If you’d like to see what a real photographer can do, follow the link here.

Otherwise, here are my favorites from the day.  I have to admit that I have felt pretty burned out since my Project 365.  It was so good to get outside in the sun and shoot just for the fun of it again.  Reminded me why I love this.


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  • AnitaApril 24, 2014 - 3:40 am

    I loved that Ace was using the camera when you guys came! 🙂ReplyCancel