Gator Country

Earlier this year I was able to visit my brother and his family in Florida.  (Much  earlier this year.  I am very far behind).  They took me to Paines Prairie, hoping my five-year-old and I would get a chance to spot some alligators.  Doesn’t it look like a beautiful, peaceful place?  It really is, except for the fact that it is swarming with alligators, so every time you hear a bird in the brush, all three adults jump sky high and prepare to carry the kids to safety from being eaten.  This tourist attraction was not of the Disney variety.

gatorville 2


Those gators are sneaky little suckers.  My five-year-old was more worried about the love bugs than the gators.  Right up until one lunged out of the water to attack a deer fawn, and drag it into the water.  And all of those hidden gators that we didn’t know existed blew their cover and charged across the pond to challenge him for it.   That got pretty exciting.  I learned very quickly that the ratio they give you – ten gators in the water for every one you see – is pretty accurate.  And you don’t want to be caught anywhere near them.

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  • ChristyOctober 12, 2013 - 9:54 pm

    DUDE, where are the pictures of the gator attack??! That’s what I want to see!! It does look deceptively serene.ReplyCancel