I received this book from Hubby for Christmas, and I am working through it.  It has assignments!  I love assignments, because then I have a box to check and feel like I have accomplished something.  I must be progressing as a photographer if I can check a box.  Right?  This particular assignment is not focused as much on the actual photo as the lens, so these shots aren’t great.  BUT, I am posting them here because the idea is great, so I thought I’d share.   The assignment is to take your lens and shoot from way back, then keep shooting as you approach the subject, until the lens can no longer focus.  The idea is you will take better pictures if you know what your lens can do.  What you are capturing at a given distance from a specific lens, and how much light it lets in.  He goes into more detail, obviously.  I recommend you read it if you’re interested in bumping up your skills.  (Based on my knowledge of the first chapter).

I feel pretty comfortable with my 50 mm, so I did the exercise with my 60mm macro and my 30mm.  This isn’t a huge span, but you can see the difference.  The 30 mm is quickly becoming my favorite indoor lens.  While I love the 50mm and will always be true to it, you can just fit more in at a tight space with the 30mm.  And the distortion on it isn’t terrible.  Here are the shots, SOOC.


with the 30 mm:

And, he is done.  If you want to do this exercise and you only have a zoom lens, 30mm, 50 mm, and 85 mm common prime lenses, and probably a good place to start.

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