Little Guy turned FOUR!

We celebrated with a photo shoot at the Japanese Garden in Seattle.  I must admit I have not been into that section of the Arboretum before.  (You have to pay admission, and my son tells me I am “all about cheap.”)  I decided it is a gem worth paying for.  If for no other reason than because you are supporting something good, which needs money to continue.  It is beautiful and serene, and we had a wonderful time.

I’ve decided four is a difficult age to photograph.  He is old enough to notice there is a camera pointed at his face.  Not quite old enough to look natural.  And definitely not old enough to have any idea what I am talking about if I tell him how to pose, or have the ability to hold a pose if I physically set him up and then run back to a good distance.  Tricky.  My older kids are great at talking and telling me jokes to loosen up, so I can get great smiles out of them.  This eventually worked for Little Guy, too, but it took a while.  Enough time that he would rather have been done by that time.  If you have any great tips for successfully wrangling a four-year-old, please share!

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